who exactly is DJ X Factor?

My background is a bit of an interesting one...  

I've been spinnin' since 2001, and started my roots back in Youngstown, Ohio playing house, trance, and top 40 remixes in some of the best clubs the place had to offer. When I moved down to Myrtle Beach in 2004 I started building my reputation and gigs from scratch.  I played my first MB gig at "Tha Bar" on 8th Ave. north, quickly built a following and boosted the business, and would pack that place on a regular basis for months on end. My style and music selections got me noticed by some other places, including Club Kryptonite, one of the top 100 clubs in the US, who placed me in the Cherry Lounge as a resident.  It also earned me a two year residency at one of the hottest after-hours spots at the beach named Club There.  I've been featured at the back deck party at Senor Frogs many-a-time, spent some time at Red Rooster "Ultra Saloon" while it was the hot spot in town, as well as performing up on the north end at The Spanish Galleon, which is one of the longest lasting clubs in the area, This city goes through many changes and as such I've played lots of other gigs throughout my time living on the Strand.  I built quite the following (much of which I still have) and enjoyed myself tremendously. 

In 2009, I decided to leave the club scene because I became a Father.  It was VERY difficult to entirely walk away from my life's passion, but I needed to step up as a man and provider for my new family.  I never let go of that passion entirely though, and instead I picked up alternative gigs like events, weddings, etc. to stay fresh on music and performing.

This change in gig style was actually a blessing in disguise, because it opened up my style of playing to MANY more genres of music, and, further, allowed me to adapt my club-style mixing to music I had never brought to the table before.  Now, I'm an open-format DJ that can rock-out a set at any venue.

What Can DJ X Factor Do For Me?

As far as my fit for any client or business goes, they'll be getting a veteran DJ that knows the game, and knows it very well.  I've seen SO many new faces come into this scene, for dirt money (which certainly makes them attractive to a venue) and simply crank their speakers as loud as possible, play nothing but the Billboard Top 40 list, not give a damn about the crowds and what they want to hear, and not have any vested interest in helping the venue make money.   

But, Me?  Let's just say I am the extreme opposite.  With me you'll get someone who comes in at least two hours early to set up equipment, sound check it, and then fine tune it to make it the best listening experience for the customers.  I play some of the newest songs out there, of course, but I NEVER play a set-in-stone song list, I always ensure to bring in songs that people have never heard, throwbacks that never get old, and I mix genres you'd never expect to hear go together; and I make it sound like it did in the studio.  

My other talent?  Reading crowds. I've always held pride in the fact that I pay as much attention to my venue, and its customers, as I do my music.  Let's face it, if you're not making money, how can I expect to?  I can work a crowd to do whatever it is the venue wants, whether that be chill, full-on dance, or working them to go throw down for 30 minutes to work up their thirst.  Then, I'll change the tempo to send them to the bar to open their wallets and buy some drinks.  I've always believed that's part of what makes a good DJ a great one; the ability to read their crowd and adapt.

I've always kept up on my true performance style of Top 40 remixing, EDM, Big and Progressive House, Trance, and so much more.  I've adapted my style to bringing ALL genres of music into my sets including Funk, 80's Metal, 90's Hip Hop, and tons of other hits that the people want to hear.  I can now truly cater to any crowd in an open format and still throw a party in any venue because I've opened myself up to every possibility of performance styles.  I crave music, and I love to play with it to make it my own, and as such, I find the most amazing combinations for remixing and blending that I can throw down with at any time.  The break I took in 2009 allowed me to do a few advantageous things that most DJ's don't get, including taking time to build up my top-of-the-line equipment, really master my craft and learn new methods, and study other world-class DJ's.  My abilities, combined with my pro equipment, allow me to be a step above the run-of-the-mill DJ's you might find out there by the handfuls. 

I'm stronger in my skills and styles than ever before and I'm taking on an all-out head-turning blitz on the nightlife and live music scenes, wherever that may take me.

- DJ X Factor